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Last week I complained about something eating and shredding my petunias. nagasvoice and grey853 lent their expertise and identified the probable culprit as the notorious budworm. nagasvoice recommended bacillus thuringensis (aka BT spray).

I don't usually go for harsh pesticides, but since these are hanging, non-food plants, and the information said that the pesticide was very target specific and wouldn't hurt beneficial insects like spiders and lady bugs, and can actually be sprayed onto edible plants as late as the day before harvest, I thought I'd give it a try. The caterpillars actually have to ingest the pesticide for it to work and the instructions said it could take a couple of days to show results.

Even the next morning I noticed a lack of the severe munching of blossoms. That continued for a couple of days. Today I actually found the lax, dead corpse of one of the little bastards hanging in the foliage!

Victory is mine!

It's been raining off and on for the last 24 hours so this evening (night time is when the insidious little pests feed), I'll spray the plants again. The BT spray is a little pricey - $12 for a pint - but since a gallon of water only requires 1 tablespoon of the solution, I think I'm going to have enough for many future outbreaks (cross your fingers that's not necessary).

Since I pruned the plants last week to encourage a more bushy and less straggling habit, they're not looking all that colorful right now. But I see lots of buds from new growth. I'm expecting lush color by next week and hopefully they'll be blooming in a budworm-free environment.


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