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An alternative for blossom end rot

Well, looks like the one application of lime to my tomatoes back toward the beginning of June wasn't sufficient. I'm getting some small green tomatoes with the dreaded blossom end rot. I still have tons of healthy tomatoes, though.

So I was snooping around on line, trying to find out how often lime/calcium should be applied (I did make another application about a week ago) and found other options since lime will definitely change the pH of your soil to perhaps too alkaline.

This is a good all-purpose info page for tomatoes that recommends gypsum (which apparently won't change your soil pH) as an amendment.

This site recommends lime as only a quick, temporary fix and recommends dolomite or gypsum as a more permanent solution to soil imbalance problems.

I suppose the smart thing would be to get a soil test kit and test the pH of my potting soil, but I don't have the spare money right now. If you're using a potting mix straight out of the bag it should list the pH on the sack. I do add a lot of peat to my soil for water retention and to make it lighter and peat is very acidic. I see gypsum and/or dolomite in my future gardening endeavors.

Ah, the trials and tribulations of tending the soil! You plant, you grow, you learn.
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