dawn (ixchel55) wrote in urban_flowerpot,

Lush petunias!

Someone nicely complimented me on my petunias, bemoaning the fact that hers were always scraggly. Well, until this year, mine were, too. I'm not that experienced at growing flowers.

Last year I bought a beautiful, established hanging basket of petunias. About half-way through the summer I realized that the tops of the vines were filled with nothing but dead leaves and the bottom was all scraggly. It pretty damn ugly. So in desperation I just cut everything off to a couple of inches, expecting it to die. To my surprise I soon had a beautiful, lush, blossom-laden plant.

This year when my petunias were being hit by budworms I realized they were getting spindly, too. Too many scraggly vines, fewer and fewer blooms. I knew there had to be a less drastic way of pruning than just snipping off the whole vine so I went scrounging online and came up with a little video. In just a second I'll post it so that others can see it to. Next year I'll start doing this even earlier for a much bushier plant.

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