dawn (ixchel55) wrote in urban_flowerpot,

Ornamental sweet potato vine

Impomea spp - a.k.a. ornamental sweet potato vine - is absolutely beautiful. I have the 'Blackie' and it makes the hanging basket with my red wave petunias and the dracaena look lush and dramatic.

The site I listed says it doesn't need excessive water after it's established because it stores water in it's large roots. Obviously mine has never 'established' because it's the most extreme water hog I have on my balcony and that includes the 7 1/2 ft tall Black Krim tomato that's loaded with fruit. It's a little water vampire and when denied water for more than a few hours, even on mild days, it begins to wilt and droop pathetically, mooching along until you water it yet again.

The first thing I do in the morning is give my beautiful water suck a big long drink. Depending on the weather, it'll probably need another drink around noon, then again in mid-afternoon and again in the early evening. Hell, I only water everything else twice a day, even in high heat and sun!

Besides the Blackie there's also the Margarita which has brilliant light chartreuse green foliage (so different than the rest of the green foliage. I might give them both a try next year but I'm certainly going to make sure it's either in pots with a water reservoir (maybe a 1 liter bottle planted in the soil), plus a lot more insulation and maybe water retention crystals.
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