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Tomato bondage - I need to go back to dom school

I had to break down and pull the 3 largest, fist-sized green tomatoes off of that long branch hanging over thin air. (I've had good luck so far with them ripening outside but in the shade.)Then I realized there was another branch arching out near that long one that was unsupported and arching downward with several large tomatoes.

That white zigzag going up the plant are wide strips of muslin binding that long vine I was unaware of to the longer one that already has support. I hope like hell they make it. the 3rd vine is the one that's bent over a couple of times but not broken and I have it tied into place with mummy strips, too.

I went out this morning and found my other tomato had made an attempt to break free from bondage, too. It was heavy enough that with the stronger winds we've had in the last couple of days it snapped the thin bamboo stake I had it tied to. So I splinted it with 2 more bamboo pieces, bound it all together with more muslin strips and then tethered it to the other stake of the shorter, stouter patio tomato next to it.

For the last 3 years I've always been unprepared for the tomato droopage but I thought I had it covered this year. I just wasn't prepared for my unprecedented crop success this year.

Tomato cages. Definitely tomato cages. o.O

BTW, here's Phouka the Cat in his bird blind in the Anaheim pepper/basil pot.

He doesn't exactly blend in, does he?
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