Lady T. - "The Witch Is In" (ladytairngire) wrote in urban_flowerpot,
Lady T. - "The Witch Is In"

reviving bamboo

I have a not-so-healthy bamboo plant, and I'm wondering if anyone can educate me on how to help it.

The plant is at least six years old and is still in its original container. It has two stalks, each with one branch. The branches are each about a foot long and very dry. One is almost withered to nothing, and flops under its own weight. The other is bright green underneath the dried husks and stands very straight. All the leaves are at the top of the branches - the strong one has a strong burst of leaves, while the weak one has droopy, sad looking leaves.

I don't know much about bamboo plants - should I clip this plant? Can I get new leaves to grow from the dried branches, below the surviving leaves, or must new growth come from the top? Should I transplant the stalks, and/or should I cut anything off? If so, where?
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